$59 per month UNLIMITED fitness classes

No hidden fees or contracts; no long term commitment!


$12 per class walk-in fee

Personal Training, Group Training, and Youth Fitness sessions not included in fitness class costs.

Class Schedule:

All fitness classes are 30 minutes long, with the exception of Yoga and Zumba classes, which are 60 minutes.

*Description provided below


6:00 am: Total Body Conditioning

12:00 pm: Pilates

5:30 pm: Boot Camp


6:00 am: Boot Camp

6:30 am: Core and Stretching

12:00 pm: Boot Camp

6:00 pm: Beginner Yoga*


6:00 am: Stability Ball Training

7:00 am: Yoga

12:00 pm: Core and More

5:30 pm: Boot Camp

6:00 pm: Zumba*


6:00 am: Boot Camp

6:30 am: Core and Stretching

12:00 pm: Boot Camp

6:00 pm: Vinyasa Flow*


6:00 am: Freaky Friday Workout

9:00 am: Yoga

12:00 pm: Core and Hip Girdle


8:oo am: Boot Camp

8:30 am: Core Conditioning

9:00 am: Vinyasa Flow*

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Class Descriptions:

Beginner Yoga: This beginner yoga class is designed for those new to yoga and those wanting a more gentle practice at a slower pace. Individual instruction will be given on alignment and breath. There will also be a focus on energetic benefits for posture and breath.

Vinyasa Flow: This exercise class will take you on a gradual progression, or a step-by-step approach, that systematically and appropriately takes you from one point and safely lands you at the next point.

Zumba: The Zumba fitness class, led by Jasmine Davidson, is a workout that combines balance, boosted energy, cardio, flexibility, and muscle conditioning in every class. It is an entry-level class. Workout to Latin Rhythms, K-Pop, Pop, and Salsa music! To learn more about the instructor, visit the Jasmine Davidson Instructor Page.