Move Train Thrive.  Our philosophy is right there in our name.  If you move your body... if you commit to the training... then you will thrive.  It’s that simple.

And our goal is to keep it that simple for you.  By bringing the boutique fitness studio experience to Kalamazoo, Move Train Thrive makes it easy to get the individual attention you need to reach your personal goals.  We understand that fitness is about more than heart rates and muscle mass, so we offer whole-person wellness opportunities.

We know you’ve tried other gyms, where you’ve been just another face in a very large crowd.  Move Train Thrive offers an intimate setting, personalized fitness regimens, and a sense of belonging that you just can’t get anywhere else.  Let your friends at Move Train Thrive show you just how far you can go.

Meet the Team


Melissa Anderson

Owner - Certified Personal Trainer

Melissa has been athletic her entire life, although it wasn’t until she was the mother of twin boys that she realized she needed to get serious about her health and fitness.  She began like each of you . . . by taking group classes at a gym.  She found that she not only enjoyed the exercise, but that she had a gift for motivating others to want to improve.  Move Train Thrive is the result of years of training, dreaming, and developing a fitness philosophy that encompasses all ages, fitness levels, and goals.

Melissa is AFAA certified in personal training and group fitness, as well as certified in Yogafit and Pilates.


Michael Hull

Personal Trainer

Michael is a Kalamazoo born and raised certified strength and conditioning specialist who has trained middle, high school, and college athletes. Specializing in sport specific exercise including but not limited to; speed, agility, injury prevention, rehabilitation, off-season, pre-season and in-season training. Enjoys biking, longboarding, golfing, both footballs, and playing with my golden retriever. Michael has joined Move Train Thrive to provide individualized, unique, and challenging personal training sessions in a safe, fun, and relaxed environment.

Following his graduation from Western Michigan University B.Sc. Exercise Science. Michael has been a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist since 2015.