Rockout. Workout.

Move Train Thrive Fitness Studio will be hosting a 6-week cardio jam session called Pound with Kelli Presley. Channel your inner Rockstar as you are guided through an hour of sweat dripping, arm sculpting, and heart thumping infectious fun of playing the drums.

Pound includes exercises that involve alternate squatting and standing to strengthen the inner and outer thighs, buttocks, core muscles, back, as well as the arms. Many of the positions used in Pound are ideal for helping maintain and improve balance.

Where: Move Train Thrive Fitness Studio

Location: 6857 W. Main Kalamazoo

Date & Time: Thursdays at 5PM, starting March 5th

Cost: $65

Space is limited. You Must R.S.V.P.

To reserve your spot contact

melissa@movetrainthrive.com or call (269)254-2702

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